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Dinosaurs Unearthed & Grandmother Power Exhibits at the Public Museum

he Grand Rapids Public Museum (GRPM) ispleased to announce two upcoming exhibitions opening in 2013, as well asexciting accompanying programming.  As aleading science, history and culture museum in the mid-west, GRPM has recently broughtstellar exhibitions to the region including BodiesRevealed, Facing Mars and Titanic:The Artifact Exhibition. Coming up in September, the museum together withits strategic and creative partner Genesis Inc. will develop a new exhibitionof the works of renowned photographer Paola Gianturco - Grandmother Power: A Global PhenomenonDinosaurs Unearthed, featuring life-sized prehistoric creatureswill be presented in October.


GrandmotherPower: A Global Phenomenon, a photography exhibit, is based off the book of thesame title published by powerHouse Books and winner of the Readers' Choice award competition. The exhibition will featureimages and stories of grandmothers worldwide who are acting courageously andeffectively to create a better future for grandchildren everywhere. The showincludes stories of grandmothersin Canada, Swaziland, and South Africa who collaborate to care for AIDS orphans; grandmothersin India who become solarengineers and bring light to their villages while those in Peru, Thailand,and Laossustain weaving traditions; and many more.


Grandmother Power will open in early September 2013 and runthrough December 2013. The run of the exhibit will include groundbreakingprogramming developed by GRPM to identify and highlight local grandmothers andtie to the community of Grand Rapids. The museum has preliminary plans totravel the exhibition both nationally and internationally. Sponsorshipopportunities are available for Grandmother Power at local and national touringlevels. Learn more about Paola's work at


GRPM will open DinosaursUnearthed in October 2013. DinosaursUnearthed is a comprehensive exhibition that explores the excitingdiscovery of feathered dinosaurs and their connection to modern day birds.  Through a dynamic display of featheredanimatronic dinosaurs and feathered fossils, guests are asked to challengetheir understanding of how some of their favorite dinosaurs lived and lookedduring prehistoric times. DinosaursUnearthed will be at GRPM through April 2014. Sponsorships are available toget your company or family name on a dinosaur. Call 616.929.1704 for moreinformation.


"We arethrilled to bring these great experiences to Grand Rapids and to share our programmingthrough the Spring of 2014. We are confident that they will delight ouraudiences and spur meaningful partnerships and community collaborations overthe next year," said Dale Robertson, President & CEO of the Grand Rapids Public Museum."We are well into our planning for Summer and Fall of 2014, and look forward toannouncing those plans soon."


GeorgiaEverse, Managing Partner of Genesis Inc. in Grand Rapids said "We are grateful to themuseum for the opportunity to join them in presenting Grandmother Power.Paola's book and this exhibition will redefine and challenge our assumptionsabout grandmothers. They are doing powerful, transformative work, acting aschange agents around the world. We are honored to help shine a light on theirstories and celebrate these incredible women"


September 15, 2013 is an estimated date

Sunday, September 15, 2013
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