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Donk's Mexican Joint Grand Opening

There's a new kid in town. Soon, Grand Rapids entrepreneurs Scott, 31, and Sue Drolema, 29, of Belmont will launch the first location of Donk's Mexican Joint ( December 10, 2012, with a kick in the, ahem, donkey to the local Tex-Mex restaurant scene. The ribbon cutting will take place at 10 a.m.

"We are basically launching a new concept and brand of Tex-Mex restaurant," says Sue. "We're excited to do things that reflect our personality and our dreams and hopes and aspirations of growing business in our own way."

The chain will open its first restaurant on 820 Michigan Street in Grand Rapids in December, with plans to open new locations as well as covert several existing restaurants they already own. Donk's will be the first restaurant to open along the new Michigan Street Corridor and has been one of the first to develop a space specifically geared toward the Corridor Plan.

"It's great for the community," says Sue, who was recognized as one of the regions top female business owners by the Grand Rapids Business Journal. Sue and Scott are excited to establish a new and fresh brand that reflects the culture of Grand Rapids' Millennial crowd.

"The brand itself has some really interesting character," says Sue, "which we love. But also the quality of food we'll offer is a very high standard. If you don't feel like going to a sit down, you can still get the same great quality of food at a quick service restaurant and take it home or eat there. You won't feel like you're jeopardizing the quality of a good meal when you're eating at Donk's."

Diners at the new restaurants can expect a Biggby-like atmosphere, where customer service is tops and quality matters. That quality includes vegetarian beans, gluten-free options and top grade meat and produce. Donk's will also be home to the (Almost) Famous Super Burrito… after all, a donkey's gotta start somewhere, right?

"We hope that we grow with the needs and wants of the growing base of Tex-Mex fans," Sue says. That base of fans is a crowd she's extremely familiar with since Sue has been in the restaurant business her entire life. "Updating and meeting the needs of those customers over the years in our new concept is a real focus."

As its opening approaches, Donk's will be reaching out to Grand Rapids' growing college crowd, families looking to grab a fast but affordable meal and existing fans of the GR food scene.

"Even though it's a new restaurant it feels like an old hangout," Sue explains. But Sue and Scott's plans don't stop there. "We'd like to expand and we'd like to franchise," she says. "At most quick service restaurants, people come in, they eat, and they leave. They never smile. We want people to smile. At Donk's even the napkins will make you laugh."

So, giddy up partner as Grand Rapids gains a fresh new company.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012
 Starts at 10:00 AM


Donk's Mexican Joint
820 Michigan St NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505

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