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That Time of the Month - Movie Fundraiser

That Time of the Month: The Movie

"What can make an otherwise perfectly normal woman act so strangely once a month?"

The answer is more grisly than you may think...

Both a tribute to and parody of the Ed Wood films of the 1950's, "That Time of the Month" is the harrowing and hilarious story of investigative journalist-turned-werewolf, Dolores Miller.

Ever since her unexpected heart transplant, Dolores has been plagued by beastly nightmares during each month's full moon. When she awakes each morning, a grisly murder has occurred somewhere in the city. At the prompting of her friends, Dolores sets out to crack the case. That's when she falls in love with the lead detective, Glen Burton.

As their passions ignite and the case starts leading to the goings-on of the evil Dr. Talbot and his double hunchbacked assistant, Melvin, Dolores realizes the horrible truth: her nightmares aren't nightmares at all. She is an atomic werewolf. The race is on, then, to save her from Dr. Talbot and her horrible fate.

Can Dolores' detective-lover save her in time? Can he shock her back to normal? Can any man's heart withstand the horror of "That Time of the Month"?

How You Can Help!


Joshua and Evan (the filmmakers behind the TTotM) are currently casting the film. They're hoping to attach one amazingly well-known individual, a veritable "rock star" of the sci-fi/horror/b-movie genre to it. The role will be small, but extremely crucial. Obviously, if more money comes in, Joshua and Evan will go after more talent, but for now, they're just going after one actor.

Your contribution will help secure this actor. It's that simple. And while Evan and Joshua can't say whom they'll be approaching, rest assured you will not be disappointed. With your financial gift, you will be magnificently rewarded. You'll get anything from a signed DVD of "That Time of the Month" to a speaking role opposite the actor. You may even get to share a meal with this Hollywood superstar. See for yourself in the sidebar!

Everything Else

Joshua and Evan need your help getting the word out. If you love b-movies or Ed Wood or werewolves or Sci-fi--or know someone who does--please take a few minutes to talk about "That Time of the Month". Share our campaign on all your social media platforms. Feel free to 'Like' the film on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and sign up for our email list at

Also, Joshua and Evan are always looking for talented people to join their team. Are you an illustrator? Prop maker? Screenprinter? Joshua and Evan would love to hear form you. Hit up the website!


Friday, April 06, 2012
 Starts at 10:00 PM


Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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