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15th and Final A Winter's Tune Benefit Concert

Over the past 15 years, "A Winter's Tune"ť has presented singer-songwriters from Grand Rapids and the Michigan region introducing one NEW song and performing one TRADITIONAL song for the Winter Holiday Season.

For our 15th and Final showcase of Grand Rapids and the Michigan regional singer-songwriters, we've brought together a representative group of artists from the history of the program including:

  • Chris Andrus - www
  • Ken Bierschbach
    13th Hour - www
  • Ralston Bowles - www
  • Andy Holtgrieve
    Home Again, Domestic Problems - www
  • David Molinari - www
  • Drew Nelson - www
  • Susan Picking - www
  • Sara Q
    Nobody's Darlin' - www
  • Josh Rose - www
  • Brant Satala - www
  • Brent Shirey
    valentiger - www
  • Jimmie Stagger
  • Andy Willey
    The Willeys - www
  • Karisa Wilson - www

And INTRODUCING "The Merry Band"

Some performers will be featured in the collaborative “round robin” format seen in past show, others will play a favorite original Winter Holiday song with “The Merry Band”.

Several performers will be spotlighted in collaborativesť or will offer a solo selection of a traditional song for the Winter Holiday Season. By the end of the show we know you will be ready to raise your voice as well, so the entire collective will offer selections to sing us out.

Sunday, December 04, 2011
02:00 PM
05:30 PM

Advance$12-advanced /$15-door / $10-CMC Members


Wealthy Theatre
1130 Wealthy St SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

 616.459.4788 x1 
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Event Contact Info
J Oscar Bittinger
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