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Grand Rapids Ballet Company: Amore and More: featuring Ulysses Dove's Red Angels

Amoré and More: featuring Ulysses Dove's Red Angels
February 10 – 12 & 17 - 19, 2012     Peter Martin Wege Theatre

What makes us tick? Laughter, grief, love, anger, compassion? Join us for the ups and downs of human emotion in a diverse program that will stir your senses. Bring your Valentine to this incredible production of love, laughter and passion featuring works never before seen in Grand Rapids:

Originally created for New York City Ballet, Ulysses Dove's Red Angels is a "visually dramatic, dynamically charged, abstract ballet that highlights the dancers' power and athleticism. Red Angels is a ballet of intense color, sound and sensual impact. Against a jet-black curtain, the dancers, dressed in scarlet leotards, are bathed in spots of blinding white or red-hot light; the music is a riveting score for electric violin." [New York City Ballet website]

The Envelope "is David Parson's hilarious signature work, which pits seven dancers against a persistent piece of stationery. You won't want to miss this hallmark of contemporary ballet, described as "ingenious" by Anna Kisselgoff of the New York Times." []

Slapstick comedy meets classical dance in Lew Christensen's Con Amoré. Using the operatic music of Rossini, this humorous story takes on two hilarious and seemingly unrelated tales that come together in a spirited close. This ballet is one of Christensen's best-known works, and the perfect comic valentine for the audience.

The charm of youthful love is brilliantly danced in The Flower Festival in Genzano. This beautiful ballet was choreographed by August Bournonville and premiered in 1858 in Denmark. Known for having a more sunny and optimistic flair in his ballets, Bournonville's characters are relatable people with recognizable foibles.

Friday, February 10, 2012
 All Day Event


Peter Martin Wege Theatre
341 Ellsworth Ave SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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